Ulead Video Studio Click on OK Show posts by this member only Post 9. I do intend to provide as much information on the product I’m selling so you can make a good decision! Small size make it easy to carry. How to remove black borders around the video or resize to HD size xpx?

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I’m glad I’m able to help you with your Mac This post has been edited by Nam Third, your cable connection easycap dc60+ v3.1c loose esaycap faulty cable problem.

Easycap dc60+ v3.1c video with the best resolution 2. Sms me which one you want so I can order it. Jan 13 Apr 11 Hopefully they come out with HDMI!

USB 2.0 Dc60 V3.1c Video Converter Capture Card Adapter HD to YT

Do the Easycap still available? The main difference easycap dc60+ v3.1c them is Easycap support only svideo black and easycap dc60+ v3.1c red, white, yellow only while Grabber support all that plus additional Component input red, green blue which give better picture quality especially in gaming console.

Jan 4 If you want better graphic, Grabber can support component but still need to be in i SD, it just that the colour contrast and sharpness is better with component cable.

The texts is clear and details easycap dc60+ v3.1c sharper on S-Video hence v3.c you can, always use to S-Video instead of composite on both devices for better improvement. Need to reorder and it may take weeks for me to be able to deliver easycap dc60+ v3.1c to you as I need to wait for shipping to me and for me to return to Malaysia to send it out.


I would like to buy 1 for my PS2 to connect to the netbook Make your own MTV eaycap capture the best scene from any movie and upload to internet!

Do take note that the videos has been rendered and edited to give better quality, the screenshots however are not. Oct 16 How come Easycap dc60+ v3.1c only support upto ? Jan 26 The tv used is a CRT tv with cheap easycap dc60+ v3.1c antenna hence the tv reception quality is poor which affect the quality of the recorded video.

easycap dc60+ v3.1c Okay, before we start, do take note that my latest videos and pictures posted from this page 5 onward has been rendered and edited to produce better quality unlike all the previous older raw videos and pictures I posted before this page 5 that are not edited in any ways.

I’m not sure about this but normally not.

File:EasyCap DC60+ – Wikimedia Commons

Thanks for your interest and sorry about the late reply, easycap dc60+ v3.1c saw your post here, my bad About the wasycap lag, there is no audio stuttering during previewing but during easycap dc60+ v3.1c, it does but it stop as soon as you stop recording. Component cables should be able to support p right? Please PM me payment details.


Easycap using svideo Bottom picture: Yep, no problem, can use laptop speaker to output the audio. If you do not have s-video cables for the easycap dc60+ v3.1c console, you will be restricted to composite input quality with Easycap unless you buy Grabber and use its component input for better quality.

Oct 19 Show posts by this member only Easycap dc60+ v3.1c 4.

File:EasyCap DC60+ v3.1C.jpg

Yes, component cable is able to support p HD but Grabber is still a SD capture device despite being able to support component input. Dec 3 Hi Nam, thanks for explaining, easycap dc60+ v3.1c got mail.

Difficult to get online here, very strict rules in training camp. Nevertheless, everything still look better with component input on Grabber.