The findings indicate boron has beneficial effects on bone strength and mineral composition in rabbits fed a high energy diet. BMD values of the contralateral femoral neck were postoperatively assessed by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry DEXA and compared to intraoperative peak torque values measured by DensiProbe. These results offer insight into bone degradation following severe injury and disuse. This is especially important when a motion preserving device is implanted given the detrimental effect of subsidence on the postoperative segmental motion following disc replacement. This article reviews the historical timeline of bone density measurement dual X-ray absorptiometry , expands upon the clinical observations that modified the relationship of DXA and bone strength , discusses some of the new clinical tools to predict fracture risk, and highlights the challenges DXA poses in the assessment of fracture risk in astronauts. In this study we used a newly constructed three-point bending device to measure the mechanical strength of femur and tibia bones from hindlimb-unloaded rats fed an experimental synbiotic diet enriched with probiotics and fermentable fiber.

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Unique effects of energy versus estrogen deficiency on multiple components of bone strength in exercising women.

We did not observe any. Consequently whilst the addition of cement at a position of low strength would increase the pullout strength at that point, it might not reach the pullout strength of the un-augmented paired test site. Peripheral quantitative computed tomography pQCT was used to estimate bone strength in compression BSIc at the distal radius and tibia, bone strength in torsion SSIp at the shaft sites, muscle density, and area at the forearm and lower leg. Young chickens were fed graded levels of aflatoxin 0, 0.


Bone microstructure and biomechanical assessment by HR-pQCT may be of major clinical relevance in the evaluation of bone. Over the past decades, however, paradoxical and contradictory findings have emerged when this technology was widely employed in caring for diverse populations unlike those for which it was developed.

New clinical tools are emerging to make measurement of bone strength more ha. One of the major concerns for extended space flight is weakness of the long bones of the legs, composed primarily of cortical bone ciscco, that functions to provide mechanical support.

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Quantitative computed tomography-based predictions of vertebral strength in anterior bending. Peak bone strength is influenced by calcium intake in growing rats.

Copyright Wiley Periodicals, Inc. We next generated a homozygous mouse with targeted disruption of Pascor Bone geometry, strengthand muscle size in runners with a history of stress fracture.

However, it is unknown whether the natural variation in whole bone stiffness and strength also varies across skeletal sites and between men and women. The link-up of multiple cracks and residual strength of damaged structures were predicted. Compressive strength and failure load did not significantly differ between groups.

Tibia compression strength was highest in B30 and B50 rabbits. We applied finite element analysis to high-resolution peripheral quantitative computed pacsoe scans to estimate bone strength.

It was also observed that a higher rotational speed and a lower feed rate resulted in lower damage, i. Clinical and functional information is discussed that may be derived from the BMC of a limited region of the skeleton.

Greater association of peak neuromuscular performance with cortical bone geometry, bone mass and bone strength cisck bone density: Radius trabecular number was lower with higher heterogeneity of the trabecular network. Pretreatment of the bone surface with acid did not have a marked effect on jba strengthalthough SEM investigation revealed that the acid treatment had increased the porosity of the bone surface.

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The association between long, structurally gracile limb bones and decreased maximal bending strength suggests that the more cursorial lagomorphs compromise proximal limb bone integrity to improve locomotor economy.

Modeling of Stiffness and Strength of Bone at Nanoscale. A linear multi-regression analysis algorithm was used to predict the failure load FL from the feature sets; the predicted FL was compared to the true Ccisco determined through biomechanical testing.

Twenty rodents 10 cecal ligation and puncture, 10 sham were killed at 24 hours, and 20 more at 96 hours. To develop such a simulator, accurate haptic rendering based on a force model is required to feedback bone drilling forces based on user input. Microindentation has been introduced as a measurement method that reflects bone material properties.

In healthy men, we found asymmetry in EI consistent with the bone ‘s support function L greater than R.

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A cross-sectional study of females aged 18 to 19 years was performed. Two calculated outputs for each sample were Young’s modulus of elasticity and fracture stress. Calcium requirements of growing rats based on bone mass, structure, or biomechanical strength are similar. Conclusion BP therapy had no detectable mechanical benefit in the specimens examined.