In addition to our supplying our own dealer network, we also confidentially supply tuning files to many of the better known tuning companies in the UK, who obviously demand the best. On bench programmer for engine and automatic transmission ECUs. The best tool to tune motor vehicles. We are passionate about our business, we love what we do and always look to continuously improve and therefore help our dealers grow with us. Assistance using our ticket portal: Master tool, to have the complete control on reading, writing and editing using also our mapping software.

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Training is essential for those who start or who want to improve alietnech technical skills, up to an advanced and professional level of chiptuning know-how. K-Suite Illustrated multilingual manual Reading and writing speed Non-mandatory subscription.

K-Suite Illustrated multilingual manual Non-mandatory subscription Backup and cloning available. K2 Cable There are vehicles where K-line isn’t connected to the diagnostic connector. Today the group offers a complete range of products and solutions to work in a professional way on all electronically managed engines of cars, bikes, trucks, tractors and boats. Master tool, to have the complete control on reading, writing and editing using also our mapping software.

Alientech Tuning Systems Alientech range of tuning equipment includes: You will not need to purchase or to search for additional information to edit the parameters of the engine performance.

Cliccando in un punto qualsiasi del sito, accedendo ad un qualunque elemento sottostante, scrollando la pagina o chiudendo questo banner, acconsenti all’uso di tutti i cookie. In a new version of Powergatewas released, with a larger display and a significantly higher number of vehicles supported.

Table view 2D view 3D view Hexadecimal view Illustrated multilingual manual Non-mandatory subscription. alienhech

Chiptuning tools and software – Alientech

And thanks to the feature Memo addresses you can memorize the addresses of the maps so that you will easily find them again later. Be Straight Forward We will tell you if the improvements on your car are minimal and therefore not worth doing. Quantum Tuning – Official Partner of Alientech. We have an huge amount of technical experience and expertise and have used this to build a suite of IMI accredited training the only tuning company to do this courses to support our dealer training and development program.


KESS dedicated software allows to chose the vehicle, display data and number of ECU, manage download and upload of the files, chose writing speed and save injectors code when is necessary. To each original file corresponds a driver, supplied by Alientech, that decodes and makes available the parameters of the engine performancefor example: For example, you can use the interpolation feature that permits to modify the parameters in a proportional way to a selected area of the map.

The driver search is the exclusive feature that will allow you to automatically find all the necessary info to remap the original file you loaded in ECM Titanium. This way of work allows to buy two or more devices those can exchange files only with themselves.

Alientech New and Used Tuning Tools Chip Tuning Equipment

In they introduced KESS, with its constant updates, enabling them keep up to date with technological revolutions as they occurred both in engines and in computer science. Powergate was the first programmer to implement the SAE-J protocol, and it makes possible to switch autonomously from one map to another, in few easy steps.

You can then create your own strategy to edit the maps in the drivers. Alientech has a clearly demonstrated timeline of the release of its most famous products: A lientech is an Italian company that since has been carrying out improvements in the field of engine tuning, both for utility and racing cars.

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Dimensione Sport has then grown up to Dimsport Technology, a group which includes three headquarters one in Spain and more than 70 people. Looking for a easy to use system with support and files made for you?

In addition to our supplying our own dealer network, we also confidentially supply tuning files to many of the better known tuning companies in the Alietech, who obviously demand the best. It is compatible with all the original files of cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractor and boats; it does not need other files or additional information as all are already included in the software.

The headquarters of the Dimsport Technology Group is located near Alessandria, Vercelli and Turin and can be easily reached both from the airports of Ecm20001, Turin and Genoa. The dates and the program of the training courses are on our site Academy.

Quantum Tuning – Official Partner of Alientech

The 3D view will allow the form and the development of the map; you can so linearise the representation, modifying the values point by point so to make the engine response more uniformed and smooth. In this way you can edit the related parameters modifying the performance of the engine. If you select the desired original file you will find all the associated mod files alienech created.

Study and analysis of new control units. T he most common reason existing tuners transfer their business to us is poor service and lack of support.