Media New media New comments Search media. Andrew Villalpando December 24, at Am I supposed to hear the audio? Its highest likely because the can not supply enough current to drive the MOSFET, so it is outputting all the current it can, thus it heats up. Aussie supplier Jaycar used to have a kit to roll your own.

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555 Audio modulated flyback

Thank you for this. Winding your own Primary I recommend winding your own primary for several reasons. July 17, at I hooked a speaker to the output of pin 3 and ground and could hear sound clearly.

Posted July 15, At first test i got best sparks with the iron core but did not try without after the mod. Cause i know musical tesla coils exist and if this is one way to do it I would like to use a sound signal driving a zener diode in reverse bias to make the wave closer to square on the gate of a mosfet that turns my 2n305 circuit on and off at the desired frequency. Im doing something related to this for 5555 school science fair project and cannot find some of the parts.

Or perhaps running the driver off of a 9V battery and give the flyback a separate power supply so as not to damage the chip. I did a quick current draw test and found that I was drawing around A from a 12V source using my wound primary coil but when using the internal winding with a resistance of 1 OHM it was drawing around 2. flybaci

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It pulls between 1A and 2A from the power supply. I’m fairly sure it doesn’t run off the inductive spikes but the frequency generated by the timer. Mads in reply to the comment you posted to me, I agree. For sure, that has caused the and the Japanese Mosfet to be destroyed. The number of turns varies, and is determined by operating voltage, on-time and core cross-sectional area.

Flyback Transformer Drivers

AAhhhh and put a switch in the main mosfet gate for activate it after the is stabiliced and running, why? There is also a push-pull version of this driver, more on that can be found following this link: Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. June 18, at The only problem is, the sound quality is Really really bad.

Its saturation region is another story.

Hubble covered the most, a tip on reading the schematic, black dots on the lines indicate that the lines are connected, all other lines crossing without a dot means there is no connection. This is what I hate the most.


October 27, at May 22, at Flybafk think that my 2n may be dead. Normal multistranded wire as f. You got down to the essence of the problem and this is also written in that start of this article, the is grossly underrated for driving a MOSFET gate, it really should have help from a transistor pair or a gate drive IC.

Posted July 14, But I have a flyback I am going to try instead now as i ultimately want my tesla coil to play music.

Audio modulated flyback | Kaizer Power Electronics

You best bet for isolation is to use super glue, it makes strong and deep joints flybavk the existing plastic or epoxy. Read this document about safety! I am trying to run this circuit on a aircoil. Marissa Try turning your duty cycle pot resistance all the way up and your frequency pot down to the lower ranges, in my case this gave me a much clearer arc when playing audio through it.

It keeps its bright for a moment and fades out.